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Grooming Strong-minded, Confident Athlete's 

 A girl on the balance beam.    

Come to GOB Gymnastics & Cheerleading to  learn more about the sport of gymnastics and to make life long family friends. Our goal is to provide your child with educational physical activity. Children at GOB advance as they develop agility, muscle control, and confidence at their own pace.

Gymnastics Classes for children who are potty trained up to 18 year old adults.

We offer stunting, jumping, and tumbling for cheerleaders from intermediate school up to highschool. 

GOB Class Layout


     Learning basics for success in life; Balance, Coordination, Spatial Awareness, Listening and Manners. Ages 2.5-4. Boys or Girls.


     Learning basic skill names and body positions to be successful in gymnastics. Preschool age to Kindergarten age. Boys or Girls. Recreational

Copper Girls  Learning basic skill names and body position to help gain confidence for competition. Basic to intermediate skills and flexibilities. 3rd-6th grade. Girls. Competitive Team Bound.


     Learning basic skill names and body positions to help gain coordination. Basic to Intermediate Skills and Flexibilities. 1st grade-4th grade. Boys or Girls. Recreational.

Mighty GOBblers

   Age appropriate learning of the basic skills and body positions to help gain coordination for the sport of gymnasts. Basic to Intermediate Skills and Flexibilitie. Routine Etiquette and Skill names and connections. Girls. Recreational.

Advanced GOBblers

    By Invitation Only: Fast paced learning of the basic skills to help gain confidence on the sport of gymnastics.Basic to intermediate skills and flexibilites. Fostering progressions. Preschool to Kindergarten. Boys or Girls. Pre Team

Mighty Boys

Boys who are interested in learning basic body positions, coordinations and confidence at a slow pace to help encourage growth in the sport. 1st-4th grade.


Girls at this level work to gain and refine the compulsory mix routines set forth by the GOB Club Director. Girls compete in house. Routines: basic skills from Level 1 and 2. 1st-4th grade.


    Girls at this level work to gain and refine the compulsory mix routines set for by the GOB Club Director. Girls compete in house. Routine ettiquete and skills from Level 2 and 3. Ages 8-12.


     Gymnasts at this level learn the compulsroy routines set forht by the Amateur Athletic Union. Gymnasts travel around the United States for team events. Levels 3, 4, 5. Evaluations must be done for gymnast to be placed on these levels. Minimum age 8. Girl.


   Gymnasts in optional gymnastics follow the guidelines and rules set forth by the Amateur Athletic Union and USAG to create routines. Basic-Intermediate-Advanced Skill sets and combinations. Xcel Levels. Minimum age 10.

Drop in/Tumbling

    Help us, Help you to Ace your Try outs! School Cheerleading or Club Cheerleading, Dance team or private dance schools! We can help you. Wide range of skills to work on, let us know what you need to get. Ages 8-18. Boys and Girls.

If you have any questions regarding prices, make sure to call us today! 248.627.6317  

GOB Facility
Developmental gymnastics and basic to intermediate tumbling for all ages. Our coaches are dedicated to the progress on your child inside and outside of GOB. Our goal at GOB Gymnastics is to provide your child with the safest educational physical activity around. Our programs are designed around your childs age and skill level.
We thrive on building confidence, self-esteem, and a solid teamwork ethic in our gymnasts. 
We are happy to talk with you if you have any questions, please contact us today! 

GOB has a 10,000sq ft. facility                   40' x 60' Yoga/Dance room

2 In Ground Foam pits                                 2 spotting harnesses

40' x 40' Palmer Competition Spring Floor              AAI Competition Uneven Bars

Speith Anderson Extra Wide Uneven Bars

3 Competition Reg. Balance Beams               2  Competition Reg. Tier Vaults

 GOB has an open seating area for parents to come and watch their child work hard. Come Join us for a Class!


Contact GOB Gymnastics & Cheerleading for more information on our group and individual classes.

Hours of Operation:
Monday–Friday, 3 pm.–9 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

Certified USAG Instructors

Oakland County
Southeastern Genesee County